black bear and 2 cubs

Video: Black Bear & Cubs

This trio makes black bears #4, 5, and 6 spotted by the game-cam. Luckily all of our bears have been too shy for us to see in person. Shy bears are good bears.

Black bears can make their home in over 80 square miles, so it’s not surprising that our bears show up on the cameras only 1-2 days at a time. There are hundreds of undeveloped acres around us for them to enjoy.

On our acreage, acorns and native persimmons are falling off the trees, and there are ground-bee hives and buggy downed logs, all of which are more of a draw than what these characters are taste-testing: a mineral lick to help fawns grow big and feed corn to distract the turkeys from the grass seed germinating on the former kudzu field.

The highlights in this video were taken over a 5-minute period.

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