by Beth

Earth to Dome is about our experience turning raw land into a homestead.

For us, homesteading isn’t about retreating from modern life. It’s about recapturing skills humans are quickly forgetting thanks to our consumer culture and cash economy. Making it more normal to understand how water drains down a hillside, what to do when you meet a bear, and when to plant fruit trees.

It means walking a line between what we wish were true and what we have to do to make our dream come true. For us, that means holding on to our jobs and connecting our land to the power grid, for now, at least.

We aren’t religious or preppers, but we respect those who are. We find deep satisfaction in becoming more self-reliant and aware, whatever that looks like. From harvesting food and cultivating native landscapes to finding ways to be less destructive humans.

We’re geodesic dome people rather than traditional, tiny, yurt, haybale, earthship, cob, cordwood, or other-cool-types-of-housing people.

Our goal isn’t to romanticize #landlife. The Smoky Mountains are beautiful and legendary, and we have a lot of fun stories about living here, but it’s real life. Chris’ background as US Marine Corps infantry helps us stay prepared to prevent misadventures that can happen in such a rugged place.

Making this life happen has been the hardest thing either we’ve ever done. We hope sharing our experiences can make it easier for others to live unscripted and keep important skills alive.


In summary, we’re secular, urban-exodus, on-grid homesteaders. Even though we’re not off-grid or striving for full self-sufficiency, we’re inspired (and comforted and encouraged) by those who are, like the following:

Pure Living for Life

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