power poles in a forest

Video: 8 Months in 2 minutes

If you have 1 minute and 48 seconds to spare, check out our first 8 months of homesteading, from…

  • scouting turkey tracks in the snow to building Fort Turkeybird (our hunting blind).
  • signing the bill of sale on Black Sunshine (the world’s best farm truck, farm truck!) to fixing it up and using it to haul tons of stuff.
  • a mountain of kudzu to a level barn pad.
  • a single-track driveway to a graded, graveled, and tiled single-track driveway.
  • planning with our power guy to power poles 8 months later; we’re on grid!

Plus tractoring, geotechnical drilling, and game-cam video. There’s baby deer at the end, y’all.

Caleb and Jeremy, your chainsaw photo’s in here, too.


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