Free Love

SharingInfographic describing ways to support our experiences is a labor of love. It’s not always easy to find time to share how to choose a farm truck or break down the costs of raw acreage, but we hope it will help others find the courage to blaze their own paths. This kind of life is full of happiness, productivity, creativity, sustainable practices, and satisfaction.

If anything on has inspired you to do something good, and you want to show us love, guess what? You already are just by being here.

In the weird, wild world of Web, the language of love is the click, like a click to view a page, submit a comment, or share a link on social media. These clicks are free to you and priceless to us. They let us know to keep taking the time to share.

We aren’t sponsored at all, but thanks to Amazon, clicking on an ad or recommendation may send a little cheddar our way (like a few cents; we’re not blogging for the lettuce). Any funds from go straight to the homestead, so if you’ve clicked an ad here, know that you’ve helped us buy treats for the rescue hound, fencing for goat grazing, seed for bee-sustaining flowers, Bondo for the farm truck, and so much more.

In the future, we may consider crowdsourcing funds for any projects that would support the greater community, like if we undertake restoration of a native plant population or find a way to turn kudzu and stinkbugs into an energy source. Until then, you keep clicking, and we’ll keep adding our experiences to the blogosphere.

Thank you!

– Beth & Chris